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Climax provides professional consulting packages to achieve your business goal, our professional consultants with many years of experience in the software development industry will consult you for the right solutions at low cost. The offering consulting packages are listed below but not limited to these areas, if you are facing a challenging situation and looking for some advice to get over of the challenging situation contact us today.

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Software Quality Assurance

We consult you to build your QA team and best practices to release the high quality product, with Climax consulting we will help you to define the QA team roadmap and testing strategy based on the product requirement, we will coach your employees and design documents for their reference to establish software quality process for your products. Consulting solutions can be based on defined our defined packages or solutions for your situation.

Climax Mature QA process

Mature QA process

Climax QA Roadmap in Agile

QA Roadmap in Agile

Climax Software Quality Assurance
Data Engineering

We offer data engineering consulting to have structured, scalable and high performance data, our data engineers at Climax will organize and store big data for your project, they can also help you with different defined packages listed below or provide solutions for your situation.

Climax Data pipeline design and implementation

Data pipeline design and implementation

Climax Business intelligence solutions

Business intelligence solutions

Climax Data Engineering

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Find the best software solution to leverage your business.

Agile Best Practices

Climax provides consulting for agile team best practices to help you define the development process for Agile methodology that is suitable for your team and the product.

Climax Development team roadmap and responsibilities

Development team roadmap and responsibilities

Climax Defining user story workflow

Defining user story workflow

Climax Agile Best Practices

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